Photo Guide


Not sure how to truly capture your furry friend’s unique personality?

Follow these tips to take the pawfect photo!

If you can’t follow these steps exactly, don’t sweat! When we receive your order, we’ll do a happy dance, and then check your photos to make sure they meet our standards. We’ll let you know if they don’t, and help you choose a better one.

  • Snuggle up to your baby - close ups are best.
  • Gaze into their eyes - take your photo at eye level with your pet.
  • Don’t stun your pet with a flash - take your photo in natural daylight.
  • Keep it original - upload the original photo of your pet, rather than a screenshot or a photo of a photo.
  • Tempt them with a treat if you have to - try to get your pet to sit or stay still, so there's no blur.
  • Get all the floppy bits - make sure long ears aren’t out of the frame.
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